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Metropolis Launcher has been created to be a great old-school launcher, emulation front-end and an extensive offline database of video game metadata thanks to MobyGames and their strong user base.

Metropolis Launcher is based on the .NET 4.0 Framework and runs on Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10

Ease of use

Managing thousands of games and multiple emulators can be quite complex. However, intuitive context menus, a stream-lined ROM import process and a thorough emulator management allow to handle the complexity.

Metropolis Launcher ships with a detailled on-line help which includes step-by-step instructions and background informations.

Data Driven Design

Metropolis Launcher is optimized for full ROM set usability. Keeping track of 50,000+ games is well within the ballpark.

Over 50 fields of meta data are supported by Metropolis Launcher's Main Screen. You can search-as-you-type, filter, group and sort by any combination of them.

No Scraping

Metropolis Launcher already ships with MobyGames based meta data for

  • 54,000+ Games
  • 67,000+ Releases
  • 13,000+ Companies
  • 576,000+ Staff Members
  • 7,200+ Game Groups

No web-scraping for meta data is needed.


Have a look at the screenshot gallery discussing the features by using the button below

Use Cursor Left/Right or swipe left/right to browse through the screenshots.



You can download Metropolis Launcher from GitHub using the button below

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Latest Version: Fall'18 Update 1.2.0 released on 2018-09-07

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Get Involved

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Read the Documentation (also ships as .chm with the download)